My Nexus Event

Last week we witnessed the end of life as we know it and the beginning of the unknown… Okay, THAT was a bit dramatic. What I mean is, we saw the series finale of Loki on Disney Plus. Within that series, they spoke of a “Nexus Event”. A moment in time in which we divert from our predetermined path. Depending on how you look at it, good or bad, it needs to be course-corrected to balance the universe. In the show, it was policed by the TVA.

Right…THERE. That’s when it happened.

“What are you getting at?!”, you may be yelling at your screen. Well, as the title of this post may indicate, I want to tell you of MY Nexus Event. It happed ten years ago, today. I went on a date (The best date I’ve ever been on) with Melanie, my now wife, who I lovingly refer to as, “The Mrs.”

Kisses from The Mrs.

“How is THAT a Nexus Event?!” Here’s a better question, why are you so angry? I consider it a Nexus Event because I feel there are forces at work that, when the timing is right, people come into your life.

“So, you had a date…” Yes! Well, that’s not all. Here’s a little backstory. Waaaay back, when I was starting second grade, my family moved. Man, it was easier to make friends back then. I made friendships that have lasted to this day! Among this group of friends, there were a couple of girls. Sisters by the names of Erin and Carrie. We’ve been in and out of each other’s lives from second grade, up until now.

“Where is this going…?” Okay, follow me. From when I was seven years old to around thirty-something, I have never met Erin and Carrie’s cousin…Melanie! Yes, THAT Melanie! The Mrs.! Twenty years pass and I meet my girlfriend, who becomes my wife, mother of our child, the one to get me to use this medium as an outlet for my talent (other people’s word, not mine)! 

Okay, I’m not entirely certain I’m using this “Nexus Event” properly but I guess what I’m saying is, if I hadn’t met her when I did, I wouldn’t have done anything with my writing, my art would be seldom seen and who knows WHERE I’d be in life. So, thank The Mrs. for taking a chance on me. Thank you, Melanie for the best date. 

The couple that argues together, stays together.

You are my favorite variant*

For All Time. Always.

*she won’t understand that reference.

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