Rest In Peace: John Madden

I’m not into sports. You might be saying to yourselves, “But Chris, you’re talking about a sports figure”. True, believe it or not, I use to have my teams. The New York Yankees and The New York Giants. The extent of my sports involvement was watching friends play Madden for each release (40 of them?!).Continue reading “Rest In Peace: John Madden”

Marvel Team-Up: Black Widow & Shang-Chi

Who remembers the comic book, back in the day, called Marvel Team-Up? It was a series from Marvel Comics that usually had two or more characters join forces and battle a common foe. I’m taking that idea and giving a team-up of sorts. Two movies. One Review. When it comes to watching entries in the MCU,Continue reading “Marvel Team-Up: Black Widow & Shang-Chi”

TGIF: CT to NY for NYFF59

How do you get to Carnegie Hall…? Practice. How do you get to Lincoln Center…? You take the Metro North out of Milford to Grand Central. Hop the 1 to 66 St. and voilà! Okay, maybe it sounds better when Arnold Schwarzenegger or F. Murray Abraham is saying it but you get the point. In my recollection,Continue reading “TGIF: CT to NY for NYFF59”

I’m Sorry To Inform You. It’s…Malignant (The Film Review)

An ominous asylum looms over a seaside cliff. Something unseen, behind curtains, must be contained. Something…sinister needs to be dealt with. It’s time to…Cut the cancer… Malignant is a difficult movie to review. As someone who watches their fair share of movies, I try not to let the cat out of the bag. I neverContinue reading “I’m Sorry To Inform You. It’s…Malignant (The Film Review)”

That’s The Way The Loki Crumbles

Have we seen Loki? Did we finish the series? All six episodes? We’ve had some distance from the finale, so now we can enter spoiler territory. That’s enough warning I think, let’s talk Loki… As we’ve come to find out, “He Who Remains” (Johnathon Majors) is the man behind the curtain. The Timekeeper. Creator ofContinue reading “That’s The Way The Loki Crumbles”

Celebrating The Fourth: Re(a)d, Write & Brew

It’s the Fourth. You finally have the day off. It’s time to relax and enjoy the festivities. But wait. The weather is crummy, fireworks are postponed, your plans for a barbecue are nixed, what can you do? How can this day be salvaged…?  To celebrate, what’s more “American” than drinking a nice Pilsner? Sounds good,Continue reading “Celebrating The Fourth: Re(a)d, Write & Brew”

A Quiet Place Part II Review

Following the events at home, the Abbott family now face the terrors of the outside world. Forced to venture into the unknown, they realize the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats lurking beyond the sand path. When I first heard a sequel was going to be made of A Quiet Place,Continue reading “A Quiet Place Part II Review”