I’m Sorry To Inform You. It’s…Malignant (The Film Review)

An ominous asylum looms over a seaside cliff. Something unseen, behind curtains, must be contained. Something…sinister needs to be dealt with. It’s time to…Cut the cancer… Malignant is a difficult movie to review. As someone who watches their fair share of movies, I try not to let the cat out of the bag. I neverContinue reading “I’m Sorry To Inform You. It’s…Malignant (The Film Review)”

My Nexus Event

Last week we witnessed the end of life as we know it and the beginning of the unknown… Okay, THAT was a bit dramatic. What I mean is, we saw the series finale of Loki on Disney Plus. Within that series, they spoke of a “Nexus Event”. A moment in time in which we divertContinue reading “My Nexus Event”

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