Marvel Team-Up: Black Widow & Shang-Chi

Who remembers the comic book, back in the day, called Marvel Team-Up? It was a series from Marvel Comics that usually had two or more characters join forces and battle a common foe. I’m taking that idea and giving a team-up of sorts. Two movies. One Review. When it comes to watching entries in the MCU,Continue reading “Marvel Team-Up: Black Widow & Shang-Chi”

I’m Sorry To Inform You. It’s…Malignant (The Film Review)

An ominous asylum looms over a seaside cliff. Something unseen, behind curtains, must be contained. Something…sinister needs to be dealt with. It’s time to…Cut the cancer… Malignant is a difficult movie to review. As someone who watches their fair share of movies, I try not to let the cat out of the bag. I neverContinue reading “I’m Sorry To Inform You. It’s…Malignant (The Film Review)”